Kameron Corvet Wants To Get All Up ‘N-U’


Few artists can do sexy like guitar-slayin’, falsetto-smashin’, slick-talkin’ Kameron Corvet. We’ve been swooning for years as he’s swayed seamlessly between acoustic and electric guitar and teased us with sexy rhetoric. On his latest single “N-U,” Kam tickles our fancy as only he can and gets straight to the point regarding his intentions. With the accompaniment of delicate keys, a pulsating bassline and perfectly placed guitar riffs, this track washes over you like warm waves. Corvet’s tone is cool and collected, as he sets the mood for some sensual playtime, with seductively naughty lyrics like, “I want to take it deeper than your deepest / I'ma put that work / In you, in you, I’m f**kin’ you." Oh. Word?

“N-U” is the second track from Killa Kam’s unreleased project entitled Early Riser, which is due out this spring. The single was produced by E. Jones of The Soul Council/Jamla Records, whose recent work on Phonte and Eric Roberson's "It's So Easy" has stayed in heavy rotation and was written by Corvet. With this latest release and the previous single "Throw It All Away," we can certainly see the direction this project is going and we are absolutely here for it.

Set the mood just right for cuffing season, and give Kameron Corvet’s “N-U” a spin right here. Keep up with Kam on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to support his #KAMpaign on GoFundMe in order to help secure funds to market the upcoming EP.

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