Ruth Koleva Discovers Bittersweet Love In ‘Tokyo’

It's been a while since we've gotten some newness from Bounce-Worthy songstress Ruth Koleva, but that's about to change soon. The Bulgarian singer is gearing up for her next full-length LP, Confidence. Truth, which promises to continue to deliver the soulful sound we've come to expect from Ruth with a "contemporary twist." In case you were wondering what exactly that might sound like, you've come to the right place as she's dropped the first release from the upcoming set, a lovely little song called "Tokyo."

On the track, Ruth sings broodingly about the age-old story of opposites attracting. However, while we've definitely heard variations on this them before, what makes this interesting is that slightly sheds her more mellow, neo-soul-styled sound for something that verges on pop. Synth is a heavy presence on the song, providing an atmospheric feel to the proceedings, and Ruth even plays around with Auto-Tune, slightly distorting her voice on the second verse to add a bit of contrast. Even with a shinier pop sheen, though, Ruth's old soul stylings still shine through, especially in the vocal arrangements and Ruth's honeyed phrasing. Oh, and if you're wondering why exactly she chose "Tokyo" as the song's title, Ruth explains it all very succinctly. “We grow when we exchange energy. And that’s why this song is called ‘Tokyo.’ It’s a meeting place where many worlds collide.”

You can expect Confidence. Truth to arrive sometime this spring, and it promises to be some of Ruth's best work yet. For more updates on the album and all things Ruth Koleva, make sure to check her website as well as her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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