August Alsina Makes A Late Night Run In ‘Lonely’

August Alsina has been churning out the singles as of late as he preps for the upcoming release of his third studio effort, Drugs. First, he dropped the title track, which was quickly followed by subsequent singles "Wait" and "Lonely." The NOLA native has also been pretty consistent with dropping visuals, and he keeps up that consistency by releasing a clip for the most recent single "Lonely."

The song itself, which is about his girl not reciprocating the love the way he feels she should, rides the familiar sound of Bobby Womack's "If You Think You're Lonely Now." Given these things, you'd think that the visuals would involve Mr. Alsina talking with his chick via telephone (maybe even with a little split-screen action thrown in for good measure). Instead, August takes us to...the grocery store?! Yep, apparently all those emotions have him in the mood to walk the aisles at the local supermarket.

In his defense, it's perhaps the weirdest grocery ever, with every box of cereal plastered with his face, flexible shoppers breaking randomly into dance and August in the middle of it all as he floats down the aisles like he's in a Spike Lee movie. What all this (minus the scenes where he's actually in a phone booth, of course) has to do with the song is up to the viewer to decide, we guess.

Check out August Alsina's video for "Lonely" when you press play below and let us know if you're picking up what he's putting down.

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