Bibi Bourelly Isn’t In The ‘MOOD’ For Any Nonsense

Most times, it's better to take the high road when staring disrespect in the face. Sometimes, however, you just gotta get some stuff off your chest. For Bibi Bourelly, that moment comes in the form of her latest, "MOOD."

The song finds her freestyling over an acoustic guitar. No one is safe as she unleashes on everything ranging from the frustrations with the music industry ("Anybody out here right now need a hit?") and issuing some rather stern directives to her boo ("Better make sure no one call when I'm home / Better be at the crib n***a when I'm gone"). The song provides a perfect blend of trash-talking mixed with a dash of unpredictability. On her SoundCloud page, Bourelly explains the song's inspiration saying, "When these niggaz (SIC) think u cute but u low key cray." Her repeated declaration of being on "some sick b***h sh*t" are made all the more ironic since Bourelly says she was actually sick when she recorded the off-the-top freestyle, a fact that one would have never known if she hadn't mentioned it herself. While most of us sound like there'a frog in our throat when we're sick, Bourelly's voice remains strong and unwavering, belying the fact that she wasn't in top form.

"MOOD" marks the first new music we've gotten from this talented singer-songwriter since her EP, Free The Real (Pt. #2), dropped in 2016. We're not sure about you guys, but even when she's just messing around with a guitar, Bourelly has the ability to definitely put us in the the mood to hear more from this up-and-comer.

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