Durand Bernarr Brings Us In For A ‘Smooth Landing’

While we've always loved the vocal stylings of Durand Bernarr, he truly made us fans with his most recent EP, Sound Check. Joints like "Fly On The Wall" and "Around" had us nodding our heads (not to mention loosies like "WTF You Lyin'" and covers like "Sorry" that kept us in awe of his gift). And Durand keeps giving us more of what we're looking for with his latest loosie "Smooth Landing."

Soothing guitar is the base of this one, giving the track an almost lullaby-like feel as Durand sings, "I can never tickle 'cause I only have a little / It's a real smooth landing, but you still can have it." While his vocal and the guitar keep things feeling relatively silky, the programmed drums add a bit of bump and contrast so that things aren't too smooth, though. All in all, the short but sweet number paints a picture of two lovers simply enjoying one another's company without explicitly saying it, allowing for listeners to just enjoy the groove as is without any preconceived notions as to what should be done while listening to it.

If you were searching for something to smooth out your day or mellow your mood, look no further. Check out Durand's "Smooth Landing" and make sure to get a copy (or two) of Sound Check from your digital retailer of choice.

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