Jidenna Reveals Cover & Teaser Trailer For ‘The Chief’

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally on the verge of getting Jidenna's debut album, The Chief. Seeing as we've been rocking with him since "Classic Man" dropped way back in February 2015, we can honestly say it's about damn time. However, with the set being a little over a week, you'd be forgiven if you were feeling a bit antsy. That's Jidenna has thrown us a bit of a bone by dropping the set's album cover along with a triumphant teaser to get us ready for the set.

The cover itself isn't extremely complicated. The redheaded kingpin looks dreamily at the camera wearing his expected natty threads as puffs of smoke curl from his nose. However, what does make this alluring is his cover co-star, a woman clad in what appears to be a red swimsuit with gold embroidering and black thigh-high stockings. Your boy J rests his head on her thigh looking as smooth as the boss he claims to be against the rich teal background.

For the teaser, however, he takes a much different approach. As the harsh bang of his jam "Long Live The Chief" plays, we see crowds swarming the rapper on the streets of Nigeria as he stands with his arms raised triumphantly. After fading to black, the camera cuts back again to the crowded ruckus. However, this time Jidenna emerges from a Benz dressed in a navy three-piece suit to once again salute the crowd as his motorcade speeds off and we're reminded of the album's fast approaching release date: February 17th.

While both the reveal of the cover and the release of the teaser have us even more anxious to hear the project, we still don't have an exact tracklist, though Jidenna was kind enough to supply a few laughs with a mock-up on the 'gram. We can assume "Long Live The Chief," "A Little Bit More" and recent track "The Let Out" will be featured, but it's up in the air as far as what else to expect. Guess we'll have to wait until the album drops to know for sure. In the meantime, get a look at the cover above and the rowdy album teaser below.

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