José James Wants ‘To Be With You’

OK, so if we're being honest, this new musical turn that José James has taken on the singles we've heard so far from Love in a Time of Madness had us a teensy bit concerned. Sure "Always There" and "Closer" have their merits, but ultimately they were each missing the smooth, dreamy magic that we'd come to know from José. As if he heard our cry, the crooner is giving us a third listen from the upcoming album with "To Be With You," and it sounds a bit more like the José we've become accustomed to.

The song itself is a touching ballad about having a love that resonates much deeper than on a surface level. Led by soft, jazzy piano, it's given a few elements of contemporary music, such as its stop-and-start drums and touches of buzzing synth here and there. However, it's more a showcase of José's beautiful, mellow voice, which wafts over the instrumental, creating an instantly romantic mood. It's a mood reflected in the song's video as well, with José taking a few cues from his cameo stint in Fifty Shades Darker and guest turn on the soundtrack as he and his gorgeous dancer co-star first appear wearing masks. Once the masks are removed, though, the two light up the screen with an intimacy rarely seen in most videos. Also, opting to shoot the clip in black-and-white (with only a few seconds getting the color treatment) lends a more classic feel than most modern day visual offerings.

With Love in a Time of Madness coming just around the corner of February 24th, we can't help but wonder what other directions José will take us on this particular journey. However, we do know we're definitely feeling this one. Check out the visual for "To Be With You" below.



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