Listen As Deetron Reboots Jamiroquai’s ‘Automaton’

Jamiroquai's return has us hype AF. But can we admit something to you? We kinda weren't feeling "Automaton," the first release and title track from their upcoming album. We know, for shame. However, it's nothing that a little remix can't fix – and it looks like Deetron is up to the challenge.

Deetron warms up the chilly, robotic tone of the track by steeping it in some hot house grooves. The producer creates a syncopated rhythm heavy on the kick drum and synth bass and with plenty of hi-hat. As the remix progresses, echoes of Jay Kay's vocal remind us of the original as Deetron further propels the track into the outer reaches and gives a workout in the process. Then, surprisingly, everything mellows, leaving only electronic blips and atmospheric synth in the wake.

If the original spin wasn't quite for you, we highly recommend firing this one up. Stream Deetron's "Automaton" remix right here and look for the album to drop on March 31st.

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