Stokley Williams Takes Us To A New ‘Level’ & Announces Solo Album

Musically, 2017 is on a roll. The soulful stars have aligned, and the rhythmic gods have showed up and will soon bless us with a debut solo album from the one and only Stokley Williams. Yes, you read that correctly. The lead vocalist for the unrivaled R&B band Mint Condition, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and two-time GRAMMY Award nominee will soon release his very first solo album, entitled Introducing Stokley. For those who might be skeptical as to whether this melodic miracle might actually happen, he’s released the lead single from the project as confirmation.

“Level” addresses the need and desire to find someone who compliments you spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, and it is quite the groove. Known for his incredible vocal range and impeccable songwriting skills, true to form, Stokely shows all the way out on this one. “We all seek to find someone or something that fits just right for us,” he says in a press release. “Everybody wants something that fits with them comfortably. Something on their level.” The breezy, guitar-laden tune is just what we need to take us into a new season and gives us a satisfying taste of what we can expect from the new album.

In pursuit of further developing his creative mark as an individual, Stokley solicited the efforts of multi-platinum Philly-based production duo Carvin Haggins and Ivan Barias, who've worked with a who's who in soul and R&B, including Jill Scott, Ledisi, Musiq Soulchild, Faith Evans and Kenny Lattimore, on Introducing Stokley. The highly anticipated album also features co-writing contributions from Sam Dew and Los Angeles-based songwriting group The A Team. It seems at least some of the inspiration for the project was drawn from the current sociopolitical climate. Taking a cue from Marvin Gaye’s 1971 classic “What’s Going On?,” Stokley will make his own statement on the current state of affairs on the track “We/Me.” He'll also use his solo effort as an opportunity to explore a variety of musical eras and venture into other genres. Undertones of the signature Motown sound will be heard on “Art In Motion,” which features musician/producer extraordinaire Robert Glasper, and he'll stir up Caribbean vibes with the dancehall-flavored tune “Wheels Up” featuring Jamaican singer Omi.

We’ve been waiting a long time for this, and given his track record of hits with Mint Condition and his collaborations with other artists, we have no doubt that Stokely Williams' solo debut will be one for the books. In the meantime, give his new single “Level” a spin below and use it to pay homage to, or for motivation to find, your kindred spirit.

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  • FireMadeFlesh II

    I'm definitely all in for a Stokley solo album..."Level" is kinda average-sounding though. Radio bait? It gets interesting around the bridge, but (for me) falls flat. Hopefully the other cuts will offer a clear new direction for him as a solo act while still giving us that trademark Stokley we know & love.

    • MrFresh

      What would make the song fall flat? If making it sound like anything hot today, that would be true dumbing down of his talent across the board.

      • FireMadeFlesh II

        Again, it falls flat for me personally (just my opinion) & as a lifelong Mint fan, I know Stokley is capable of that "wow" factor in terms of interesting chord progressions, etc. This song only invokes that near the bridge.The rest sounds like basic passable radio filler. I never said I wanted him to dumb down his sound by trying to compete with today's Pop n' B talents, but based on this song, I think there's a lot more to be desired & hopefully we'll hear that on the rest of the album.

        • Shekita

          I'm never one to bash a person's opinion, BUT you obviously haven't been a Mint Fan that long if you think Stokley didn't give us the Wow factor on this one. This is bittersweet for me because I love, love, love Mint Condition, but at the same time I'm overjoyed that he is doing his solo thing and because I'm a "MintHead" for life I'll love whatever he brings... solo or group. Don't take this personal, but as the fan I am, I feel it's my obligation to stand up and voice my opinion about anything that I feel is negative or not to my liking about Stokley and MC. Lol

          • FireMadeFlesh II

            I'm not dumping on his solo effort. This track just didn't appeal to me personally, but I am looking forward to his album

          • Shekita

            I'm also looking forward to the album. As soon as it's released I'd love to find out what you think about it. So I'll stay tuned to read your reply.


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