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Nick Cannon Quits America's Got Talent, Blasts NBC

Though Nick Cannon has been known for his fair share of foolery and f**kery, he actually made a bit of sense with his most recent career move. The rapper and Wild 'N Out creator and star announced via Facebook that he would no longer continue on as the host of NBC's glorified talent show series America's Got Talent. The reason? Well, after Nick's Showtime comedy special, Stand Up, Don't Shoot, aired, the network was a bit miffed about a racial joke that Nick made that involved mention of NBC. We won't repeat it here, not because of its content, but because we don't generally find Nick funny. After NBC attempted to "punish" him for the joke, Nick decided that his free speech and peace of mind were more important than the millions that he stood to earn by continuing on with the program. And word on the street is that, despite his rant, the network still wants him on the show. We don't often get a chance to do this, but a round of applause goes to Nick for standing up for what he believes in. #NicksGotIntegrity

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