Quincy Gets His Father Al B. Sure! To Join Him On ‘I Can Tell You (Nite And Day 2.0)’

When you're the offspring of someone famous, it's inevitable that folks will expect you to team up with your parent. Natalie Cole did it. Nas did it. Hell, even Blue Ivy did it...kinda. Now our boy Quincy, who's currently gracing our TV screens in Star, is joining the number by teaming up with his pops, '80s R&B star Al B. Sure!. The actor/singer released his EP This Is For You last month on Valentine's Day and now he's released the opening track "I Can Tell You (Nite and Day 2.0)" for fans and R&B lovers alike.

"I Can Tell You (Nite and Day 2.0)" is, as the title suggests, basically a modern update of Al B.'s 1988 hit "Nite and Day." Though, this time around, the song has become a father and son team-up, with Quincy doing most of the singing and Al B. coming in with assists. However, while there are some of the same elements here, this is not your mama's version of the song. For one, the vocals of both father and son are heavily doused in Auto-Tune, at times distractingly so. Second, Quincy has updated the lyrics to compete with modern times, with Quincy instructing the lady the song is aimed at such romantic notions as, "Baby won't you just let me know / If I can hit it right after my show." Lastly, the production, while keeping mostly in line with the original, adds in a few modern touches to update the golden oldie — if those changes are welcome is all up to the listener.

While, for us, this new version isn't quite up to the level of the original, it is nice to see father and son coming together as Al B. passes the torch to the next generation. See what you think when you give "I Can Tell You" a spin right here.

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