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Janet Jackson's Alleged 'Secret Daughter' Update

Last week, we brought you the ridiculous news about Tiffany Whyte, the woman who alleged that she was the rumored lovechild of James DeBarge and Janet Jackson. Celeb gossip site RadarOnline conducted a DNA test which concluded that (*puts on Maury voice*) in the case of Tiffany White, James DeBarge YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! Well no s**t, Sherlock. If James isn't the father, that also means that there is no way that Janet can be Tiffany's long lost mother either. Sadly, this won't put the rumor to rest anytime soon, especially with James still claiming that there's a secret child out there somewhere. Meanwhile, we imagine that Janet's somewhere in London looking unbothered and sharing a few smiles and laughs with her beautiful baby boy. #LiesFallaciesAnd Fairytales #LeaveJanetAlone

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