This Week In SoulBounce: Drake Meets Sade, Tamar Braxton Leaves Epic, Wyclef Jean Gets Falsely Arrested & More

Tamar Braxton Parts Ways With Epic – But Not Without Drama

News broke this week that Tamar Braxton has left Epic Records for greener pastures. This news doesn't come as quite a surprise, especially with the lackluster sales of her second album with the label, Calling All Lovers. However, it does look like it's a come-up for the Braxton sister, as she's now rumored to have signed a deal with eOne Music that is "in the high six figures." We truly hope that is the case for Tamar and her hubby Vincent Herbert's sake, though, as all their dealings with Epic's parent company Sony Music Entertainment ain't over. The company has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Vince and his Streamline Entertainment imprint. According to the suit, Vincent wasn't living up to his end of the deal that was struck and hasn't finished repaying a $5 million dollar advance that the company gave him upon signing ($1 million of which went to record and promote Tamar's debut for the label, Love And War). Sheesh. Still, with a new album, talk show and other ventures on the horizon — not to mention their perennial reality shows — we have a feeling Tay-Tay and Vince will be just fine. #MoMoneyMoProblems

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