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Keyshia Cole Ain't Too Good For Love & Hip Hop After All

A few weeks back, it seemed like Keyshia Cole was poised to do anything but appear on VH1's reality mainstay Love & Hip Hop, but now it looks like the "Heaven Sent" singer is singing a different slightly off-key tune. She took to Twitter to officially let her fans know that she would be participating in the show's Cali spinoff Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, telling them that she "wanted to do something different." And, for those who were worried that the show would hurt her brand (because dating Bow Wow and egging his homeboy's car put her in such high esteem), she assured that she'll "add to [the show]" and that the "producers seemed cool." Whatever's clever, we guess. Keyshia has reportedly already started taping for the show and her ex-hubby Daniel "Boobie" Gibson is expected to make a few appearances as well. #LetTheRatchetnessBegin

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