You ‘Can’t Afford’ To Miss The Latest From Runaground

Life begins outside of your comfort zone. This is true when it comes to everything from love to your career. On his new single “Can’t Afford It,” Runaground captures this sentiment, both lyrically and musically. Urging the object of his affection to let loose, he sings, “Dance with me / We could be (happy) / Love is free / But I guess you can’t afford it.” The EDM track is full of R&B goodness, with a synth-heavy groove that sets us up perfectly for the changing seasons. The catchy melodies and energetic bassline are everything you need to step out and live a little. (And if a soulful house remix of this song ever happens, then expect to really get your life.)

This offering is the L.A.-based artist's latest solo single on the London-based label Enhanced Music. Hailed as a “triple threat,” his musical knack as writer, singer and producer make Runaground somewhat of a unicorn amongst other producers of modern electronic music. Born Andy Kirk, he decided on his moniker after learning that his grandfather, a Navy officer during WWII, only survived what later became known as the Battle of Letye Gulf because his ship had “run aground” en route to the massacre. He poetically states, "In life, our career, hopes, dreams sometimes go drastically off course. When it's happening, it feels like your world is crashing in, but I've found that the opposite is true; if you choose to look deeper inside of yourself."

"Can't Afford It" follows Runaground's previous single "Chase You Down," which charted on Billboard. Among other accolades, the 26-year-old received the nod of approval from his longtime inspiration and mentor, GRAMMY-nominated electronic music artist Moby, who declared, “…I see you playing in arenas and stadiums very soon,” during his appearance on the AXS TV show Breaking Band.

Give Runaground's “Can’t Afford It” a spin, and get familiar with his body of work on his website and keep tabs on his YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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