Avery*Sunshine Has Us Falling In Love All Over Again With ‘Twenty Sixty Four’

In case you've forgotten, Avery*Sunshine is the God's honest truth. She proves it every time her fingers meet the keys and she opens her mouth. We've been rocking with her ever since her debut, and her latest album, Twenty Sixty Four, continues our love affair with the singer/songwriter.

The project is an album full of gorgeous songs perfect for lovers, those looking for love or those who remember what love felt like. She kicks things off strong with "Come Do Nothing," which is all about that awkward longing that comes after a breakup. She illustrates the moment beautifully with a smooth arrangement of keys, horns and bass guitar — she even adds in that phone call that shouldn't happen but does anyway. She picks up on that theme once more with "I Just Don't Know," which sounds as if Avery is channeling the late, great Natalie Cole's spirit as she sings of not being able to let go of love, even when she wants to.

Later in the album, on "Jump" and "Used Car," she breaks from falling back in love to speak on finding motivation and the joys of pushing something that's been around the block a time or two, respectively, delving into a jazzy soul sound on the former and a foot-stomping blues on the latter in the process. However, she gets back to the tender love jams with the sensual "Heaven Is Right Here" and "The Ice Cream Song," which is all about her love for her musical partner Dana "Big Dane" Johnson, and the title track, on which she asks for a love until at least 2064. She fittingly brings it all home singing about her love of the Lord, taking us to her "Prayer Room" and then closing with just her and the piano on the postlude "Sweet Hour of Prayer."

Twenty Sixty Four is Avery*Sunshine at her finest, not that we'd ever expect her to deliver anything less. Bask in Avery's loving sunshine by streaming the album in its entirety via Spotify below and make sure to support her effort by purchasing it from your favorite retailer.

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