Mack Wilds Illustrates The Pain & Pleasure Of Love In ‘Crash’ Lyric Video

There are plenty of songs written about the heady highs of love. On the flip side, there are just as many centered around the gut-wrenching lows of love lost. But what about those moments just before it all falls down? Those moments when you see the ride barreling to a catastrophic halt, yet can't seem to find the strength to hop off? Singer/actor Mack Wilds has created just the song for that with his latest lyric video for "Crash," one of the songs found on his recent album AfterHours.

As the title suggests, the song is about how to deal with the inevitable demise of a dysfunctional relationship that has run its course. Wilds ponders if it makes more sense to walk away or simply buckle up and brace for impact since they are bound to crash and burn anyway. "Girl, you're my pain and pleasure / Hurt me so good / I will never leave you though I know I should," he sings, resolving himself to the unavoidable. The mid-tempo track's staggered drum pattern and melody remains just enough on the right side of thumping to keep this song from veering into dark territory.

Featuring only the mysterious silhouette of a female profile, the lyrics in the video flash along to the song's beat. While Wilds himself never appears in the video, he still manages to present what could easily stand on its own as the song's official clip. And who could blame him if he chose to do so? With two shows currently running on television (VH1's The Breaks and FOX's Shots Fired), it's completely understandable if he's a little busy these days. However, if his current schedule is any indication, he's more than able to juggle a full slate.

Check out the lyric video for Mack Wilds' "Crash" below.