Tinashe Lets It Burn In ‘Flame’

Tinashe sings about a love that has become more of a flicker on her current single "Flame," and she lets it burn in the fiery music video.

In the visual, Tinashe is joined by male model Geron McKinley who plays her love interest. Yes, they make quite a strikingly beautiful couple and appear to be the picture of happiness as they lay up with each other and go through old photographs of their bliss. But in the words of Keith Sweat, somethin', somethin', somethin', somethin' just ain't right. Why else would Tinashe channel her inner Bernadine from Waiting to Exhale and turn to arson? Instead of setting fire to a car, however, sets a whole house ablaze and dances like no one is watching while it goes up in smoke. Her now-ex comes home to see the house on fire and looks as confused as can be.

While we call the fire department for him, watch Tinashe cause a little property damage.

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