Zedd & Alessia Cara Tempt & Twist Fate In ‘Stay’

An elevator ride has never been so fateful as it is in Zedd and Alessia Cara's music video for their collaboration on the track "Stay." After delivering a lyric video with breathtaking landscapes, the pair come together for an engrossing official visual that finds them staying in the same motel. Alessia and Zedd are staying in separate rooms with each getting a start to their respective day. They barely miss each other when Zedd is a little too slow to catch the elevator that Alessia is on, and she's unbothered as ever, making no moves to hold it for him.

They're seen going about their business; Alessia's sipping on coffee at a diner, and Zedd is whipping around in his convertible. It's not until he's at a pool hall and the song hits the chorus that things get interesting. Time goes backwards and footage rewinds to both of them back at the hotel and starting the day over much like it began. This go round, however, Zedd makes the elevator and Alessia's acquaintance. They hit it off and end up spending the day together. Zedd and Alessia share smiles, laughs and conversation and hang out like old friends as we witness their romance bud from the diner to the beach. For a song about trying to convince a lover to stay a little longer as time races by, the Tim Mattia-directed visuals are a good match. You'll be all in and wondering what their next move will be when an unthinkable plot twist happens that will make you think about fate and the fragility of life.

Take a few minutes to indulge in Zedd and Alessia Cara's "Stay" and their fleeting moments together.

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