Adrian Marcel Has A Vivid ‘Imagination’

Adrian Marcel has a case of the ex. In his latest visuals for "Imagination," from his debut album GMFU (Got Me F**ked Up), the Bay Area-bred singer is pining over the one that got away. Directed by Fifth Science, we find Mr. Marcel in struggle mode in his wife beater and shorts, and waking up in a bit of a daze. He immediately texts a non-responding bae and walks around his fancy loft looking all kinds of lost as he's met with the silent treatment. It's clear now that he's hallucinating since the video includes a collage of animated graphics, vibrant scenes of different elements such as wild animals, clocks, liquids, the dessert and more.

It's trippy and interesting to watch Marcel carry the video on his own while he daydreams about his ex who is seen from the waist down walking around in nothing but underwear. The track itself is laid back and sexy, the perfect soundtrack to a beautiful dream or a makeup session with a past love. Whatever you decide, be sure to watch Marcel's new video to see what happens with his imagination.

Marcel released GMFU, executive produced by musical legend Raphael Saadiq, back in April and is making good on his promise to drop more visuals following the music video for "LUVJONES." Based on what we've heard so far, the album is worth a few listens and can get even more play this summer. You can add  GMFU to your music collection when you purchase from your favorite digital retailer. Before you pick it up from Amazon, iTunes or Google Play, watch Adrian's "Imagination" at work and see his mind play tricks on him.

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