Avery*Sunshine Seduces Our Senses On ‘Heaven Is Right Here’

Avery*Sunshine showed up and showed out with her latest effort Twenty Sixty Four. The stellar project focuses on all aspects of love, from the spiritual to the physical and everything in between. Of the many delights found on the album, Avery has chosen the sensual "Heaven Is Right Here" as the next single lifted from the effort. The bona fide slow jam, which features Mr. TalkBox (who happens to be the voice you hear at the beginning of Bruno Mars' smash hit "24K Magic") is burning with desire, which Avery presents with an effortless ease.

The song, which was co-written with her friend Eric Roberson, finds Avery in a seductive mood. She calls up her lover on the phone and lets him know that she can be the heavenly end to a hellish day. "In your voice / I can tell something is wrong," she coos. "Long day / Stress at your job / It won't be long / I'll be waiting right here to change your mood." Though those words seem innocuous enough, that musical backdrop — which features a lingering bass, soft keys and organ — along with Avery's breathy vocal delivery suggest much more than a shoulder to lean on. And in case the opening verse was too subtle, she makes it clearer by letting him know that she's sending him a "little pic" and he can give her her his "reply" when he makes it home. Is it hot in here, or is it just Avery? For his part, Mr. TalkBox adds just enough of his trademark sound to accent the song's mood without overpowering Avery's vocal, making this a memorable musical pairing.

Listen to Mrs. Avery*Sunshine bringing the classy sensuality on "Heaven Is Right Here" below and be sure to pick up Twenty Sixty Four from your favorite retailer not now but right now.

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