India Shawn Is Feeling ‘Galaxies’ Away From Love

India Shawn is unquestionably amazing all by her lonesome. But there's a certain magic that happens when she finds the right guy. Musically, that is. From James Fauntleroy to the talented Atlanta-based production squad who brought heat to her Re-Werc project, she has a knack for picking the perfect collaborators. Her latest partnership with singer/songwriter/producer Leon Thomas (half of the GRAMMY-winning production duo The Rascals), a slow-burning stunner called "Galaxies," is further proof of her shrewdness.

The warmth of India's crystalline voice gives a sense of weightlessness that perfectly captures the song's atmospheric setting. Her caressing tones titillate as she expresses her longing with hushed repines like, "It's not the same when you're away from me / Counting the days til I taste your ecstasy," and "Working my mind over and over again / Trying to find memories of your touch on my skin." Meanwhile, Leon downright gives us chills with his hauntingly exquisite background vocals and spellbinding production savvy. Our fingers are crossed that this is just a taste of things to come, because we are ready for another helping of this satisfying duo right now.

Traverse through India Shawn's "Galaxies" below and purchase the single via iTunes. Atlanta music and art lovers are in for a treat as she'll be performing on June 4th at The Art of Metanoia and on June 11th at Passion Fruits LA pop-up event. The rest of us will just have to follow her on Instagram and Twitter in the hopes of more new music and concert updates.

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