JMSN Goes On One Crazy Trip In ‘Slide’

JMSN is nothing if not prolific. Having already dropped a full-length LP, It Is., (and several singles) last year, he turned around and delivered his latest album, Whatever Makes You Happy, late last month. And, like with It Is., he's been pretty free with the singles as well, dropping "Drinkin'," "Where Do U Go" and "Slide." Now the crooner has given us a video to accompany the country-and-pop-flavored "Slide," and its visuals might remind you of a controversial '90s film.

From the opening seconds of the clip, it's obvious that JMSN looked to Oliver Stone's 1994 film Natural Born Killers for inspiration. In the just-over-six-minute clip, he slides into the Woody Harrelson role as a bewigged actress acts spaced out as his partner in crime. The twosome dominates the clip as they cruise through the desert in front of a projector screen in a red convertible while tripping out in each other's company. They playfully engage with one another at times, while at others a more violent streak is shown that would lead us to think this isn't the healthiest of relationships (similar to what's suggested in the song's lyrics). "Slide," however, has one major difference from the 1994 film: no blood is actually shed here. Though blood drops are showcased in the title shot, it seems that the only folks that this twisted love story is harming are the two dysfunctional lovebirds at the center of it all.

Check out JMSN and his leading lady's crazy trip in "Slide" by pressing play below.

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