Kameron Corvet Keeps It Real On ‘All To Myself’

Kameron Corvet is back with another lustful tale on the track "All To Myself" in which he wastes no time telling his lover exactly how it’s all about to go down. This time, the sensual scene is set in the car and Kam is clear about his intentions as he sings, “I'm only here to do my thang, babe / I can’t promise you nothing / I can’t / We both know you want something / So, why wait?” The desire between the two soon kicks into overdrive, and he asks, “Can I put your silhouette in the moonlight / Crossing back and forth over white lines / I’ma show you how I feel about you all night / Ain’t no stopping, going through the red lights.” Even though he is firm in his stance that this tryst is not likely to extend beyond this one night, it seems his lover is unable to wait until they reach their destination. Painting the passionate picture further, he says, “I love the way your hair falls down to my lap / I can’t wait to return the favor, baby.” Oh? Well, we see where this is going.

True to form, “All to Myself” combines sexy storytelling with masterful musical accompaniment, topped off with Killa Kam’s pristine, passionate falsetto. The single is produced by Pierre "The Maven" Medor, who also co-produced the previously released "Wish I Could," and was written by Corvet and Troshia Keeton. We assume this is yet another tune to be featured on his much-anticipated EP Early Riser, and we certainly like the way the project is shaping up. Our fingers are crossed in hopes that the full EP will be released soon.

Take Kameron Corvet’s “All to Myself” for a test drive right here. The sultry single is currently available for purchase on all digital outlets, so be sure to cop yours to provide the perfect soundtrack for a late night rendezvous. Keep up with Kam on all social media and his website, and be sure to support his #KAMpaign on GoFundMe to help bring the upcoming EP to fruition.

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