Mabel Keeps It On The Low In Her ‘Bedroom’

Singer/songwriter Mabel has done a lot of growing up since her "Thinking of You" days. We got the first hint of some of that newfound experience with her single, "Finders Keepers." Mabel is now exploring the struggles of a secret sexual relationship on the title track from her upcoming EP, “Bedroom.”

“Bedroom” chronicles a toxic relationship where the only time the two lovers spend together is between the sheets. Over an uptempo, slightly '90s vibe of bouncy synths and digitized vocals, Mabel sings of breaking dishes while planning a lover’s tryst in the same breath.

Directed by Holly Blakely, the concept for the video is a slumber party. In a communal bed, Mabel and her dancers perform some suggestive choreography under pink and blue fluorescent lighting. One thing to note about the video there isn’t a love interest in the clip. This isn’t about pining after someone or celebrating romantic love. Of that decision, the singer has said, "...I didn’t want there to be a male love interest as that would be too obvious, and the song is so literal. It has a lot of dark undertones which I thought was an interesting contrast. It felt empowering to have an all-female cast!”

Like the song and video, the Mabel’s Bedroom EP promises to explore a young woman’s coming of age, with themes of independence, femininity and sexuality. The project is available for pre-order on iTunes and will be impacting streaming services on May 26th.

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