Majid Jordan Take Us On A Journey In ‘Phases’

Since their debut, Majid Jordan has become known for their moody, stylized numbers both on wax and on the screen. However, when they dropped their latest single "Phases" a month ago, we noticed a slight departure for the duo. Rather than their slick R&B sound, the twosome opted for a slow buildup that bursts into an electronic dance groove. Perhaps inspired by this shift, the fellas also change things up for the single's video.

The guys shirk the conceptual cool present in videos like "Her" for something a bit more common: a road trip clip. They hop in the drop top and cruise in the video as singer Majid Al-Maskati mugs for the camera while singing the verses. However, once his partner in crime Jordan Ullman joins the the picture, the two do something that we don't think we've ever seen from them: they smile. From there, we're witness to their trek through the desert, with them stopping occasionally to dance and take in the sights. They do allow a bit of artifice, though, as we see each member stand solo amid rain and clouds of colored smoke as the camera goes slow-mo for dramatic effect.

It's actually pretty nice to see the fellas of Majid Jordan in a more relaxed light, especially with most of their work calling for a much more serious tone. Hopefully their upcoming sophomore project will mix in a few more of these moments. Peep the video for "Phases" below.

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