Majid Jordan Is Going Through ‘Phases’

With their self-titled debut album dropping last year, it seemed that all would be quiet on the Majid Jordan front for 2017. However, that may not be the case. The Canadian duo landed a coveted spot at Coachella this year and rocked the tastemaking crowd. As if that weren't enough, the twosome — made up of singer Majid Al-Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman — have returned with a brand new single, "Phases."

"Phases," interestingly enough, is a departure from the smooth R&B stylings we've become accustomed to from the group. It starts with cool piano chords as Majid sings about immigrating to a new country at the tender age of 18. "I came to this country, didn't know a damn thing /18 years old and in need of planning / Thought I was ready, I wasn't ready /Guess it's me and myself again," he sings earnestly. Then, something unexpected happens. Rather than stick with the dramatic chords and melancholy feel, Jordan switches everything up as the track builds slowly before bursting into an undeniable dance groove heavy on programmed kick drum and synth (as well as Auto-Tuned vocals). Suddenly, Majid's tale of feeling displaced and alienated takes on the feel of a man just trying to cope with the many changes life throws at us.

Word is that Majid Jordan is working on their sophomore album, which could possibly bow before the year is over. If it's all in the vein of "Phases," it'll be an interesting listen from the duo. While we speculate, give "Phases" a spin via Spotify below.

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