Sugg Savage Can Help You ‘Fill In The Blank’

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We just got back from a festive Memorial Day weekend, but that doesn't mean the party stops. Bounce-Worthy artist Sugg Savage just dropped "Fill In the Blank," a playful dance track that will keep you moving to its hypnotic beat well into summer. The 20-something DMV native songstress, rapper and guitarist sticks to delivering bars on the Lance Neptune-produced track. By the sound of it, you can tell our girl Sugg has no problem having a good time and being free.

With funky piano, spacy guitar licks and cosmic melodies, Sugg puts on a steady party and we don't mind staying for a while, even though it only lasts a little under three minutes. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe / Catch a brother by the toe / If he holla then let him go / Eeny, meeny, miny, moe / Catch a brother by the toe / If he holla then let, let, let him go," she raps playfully at one point in the song. Meanwhile, on her SoundCloud, she describes the track as "Music for hoobadings to make better life decisions." We'll take it.

While it looks like Sugg has been popping up at various Washington, D.C. area venues, we're waiting to see what else she has in store for us this year. What we do know is that Ms. Savage proves time and time again that she's an artist to pay attention to who consistently puts on for the DMV. Listen to "Fill In the Blank" below, and see if you can keep up with Sugg Savage.

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