Austin Brown Offers A Reason To ‘Smile’

Austin Brown has quite a bit going on at the moment. The talented Mr. Brown dropped the smoking hot Caliyork single "Show Up At My Place" last year (speaking of which, can we get an update on that, Austin?) along with silky loosie "Flow." But this year, he's got something else cooking up with his upcoming Acoustic Sessions EP. He's leading up to that project with the release of its first single, "Smile."

As the name of the EP suggests, "Smile" is an acoustic number and it finds Austin reminiscing about a past relationship. "I'm getting her back," he begins as the strains of acoustic guitar fill the soundscape. "I feel like every show you're right here / See you in the corner of my eye / Girl you make me feel so good I just want to live up on this stage," he sings. "Let me sing to you, I love to see you smile." He further elaborates on this sentiment throughout the song, expressing that although the relationship might be a thing of the past, he remembers that good time with a fondness that can't be erased. It also speaks to a hope of reconciliation in the future. "I'll be back some time / Always keep that in mind," a chorus sings on the refrain, which adds to the song's happy, wistful feeling.

Austin hasn't announced the official release date for his Acoustic Sessions EP, but "Smile" is currently available for purchase on iTunes. Before you purchase your very own copy, stream the song in full below.

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