Full Crate x Mar Sing The Praises Of All ‘Gorgeous’ Women

If you follow Full Crate and Mar on Instagram, then you may have noticed an interesting thing occurring on the duo's page. All of their previous posts have been erased, instead replaced with tight headshots of various women. Pierced, freckled, red-headed or ebony-hued, each woman stared solemnly into the camera. The captions revealed very little of what was in store, with each photo captioned with some variation of what a woman is. Descriptives like "strong," "beautiful," "pure" and "art" were used to describe them. Now we finally get to see what the mysterious posts were teasing with the release of the duo's latest single, "Gorgeous."

Full Crate x Mar's touching ballad pays tribute to a woman who is "discovering her powers within." Backed by a chorus of piano and synths, Mar celebrates the woman who has not yet realized her beauty as he sings about trying to find a way to make her see. The song is a sharp departure from Full Crate's most recent release, the dance floor-inspired Vogue EP. It serves as a further reminder of the versatility of both artists, as they seamlessly prove that it is possible to dabble in multiple genres.

"Gorgeous" is an uplifting song that has the power to brighten up the day of any woman in ear's distance, regardless of her circumstances. In these crazy times, sometimes all it takes is a gentle reminder that we all are beautifully made in our own individual way. And when that reminder is delivered in a package as exquisite as this, you can rest assured that the message will be heard loud and clear.

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