Tamar Braxton Goes The Dramatic Route For ‘My Man’

If you watch any of her reality offerings, then you know that Tamar Braxton can be labeled as a drama queen from time to time. Well, our girl is putting those dramatics to good use in the video for her single "My Man." Loosely based on the relationship between her parents (whom she put on the single's cover), she amps up the spectacle for the clip to entertaining results.

The video opens with Tay Tay pulling up to one of the swankiest looking no-tell motels we've seen — at least judging by the lobby. Blonde wig blowing in the wind, she strolls up to the desk clerk, slips him a bill and takes the key to the room her man is creeping in. She then walks through the hallways of the building, which look a lot grimier than the lobby suggests, as she sings the song's heart-wrenching lyrics. However, though this is a sad track, Tamar seems anything but. She puts the key into the door, opens it and proceeds to wreck shop. "Not my man, b***h!" she screams before grabbing that heffa and tossing her headfirst into the bathroom sink. She then confronts her man and snatches her coat that he gave his mistress (the nerve!). After the fury of this woman scorned is over, Tamar slowly strolls out of the motel and back to her car, where another song begins playing and "To Be Continued..." flashes on the screen.

It looks like Tamar is enjoying her label independence as she prepares her upcoming, as-yet-untitled album for release later this year. We can't wait to see and hear what's next. In the meantime, get into the dramatics of Tamar Braxton and check out the clip for "My Man" below.



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