Tawiah Releases An Ode Fit For All ‘Queens’

Bounce-Worthy alumna Tawiah has blessed us with a taste of her forthcoming EP with her new single “Queens.” While still showcasing the South London songstress’s signature worldly sound, the track is a bit of a dark departure from what we are used to hearing from her. Even with its disjointed sounds and eerie vocals, she retains her sophisticated, soulfulness. Laced with a haunting piano and a gloomy but groovy bass line, the repetitive chorus drives her statement of universal regality in all women straight to the listener’s soul. Her tone is confident and unapologetic as she declares, “I’ll be queenin’ in my queendom.” The tune’s electronic elements, instrumentation and layered harmonies mimic the sound of moving parts, somehow all working together to create a deep and majestic vibe.

“Queens” comes in advance of her much-anticipated EP Recreate, due to be digitally released on June 30th. As indicated in the lyrics and short video for the title track, and as illustrated by her new look, Tawiah has gone through some personal changes since we last heard from her. With the assistance of co-producer Sam Beste, she boldly ventures into musical territories she hasn’t previously explored and the results seem to be just the sort of wonderful weirdness we enjoy.

Give the latest single from Tawiah, "Queens," a spin below. Be sure to pre-order Recreate here, where you can download the EP or order a physical copy, which ships a week prior to the release date on compact disc. Keep up with her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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