Avehre Has An Appetite For Seduction On ‘So Long’

The last time that we got something new from crooner Avehre was when he dropped his single "Diamonds" way back in October — nine months ago. Nine months is a long damn time, especially when you're waiting on music from somebody as talented as Gladys Knight's protégeé. Thankfully our wait is finally over, as Avehre has dropped his brand new single, "So Long."

"So Long" is a bedroom-ready slow jam that finds Avehre ready to make a house call with a regular appointment. After touching down in her city, he calls her up to do what they do. "We do this every time you're near / We been at the same s**t for two years / Back and forth without a title, scoring like we're in the finals," he sings on the chorus, later adding that "the only intention is to keep switching positions / And give you what you been missing for so long." Soundtracking this seductive encounter is producer JMG, who laces the track something lovely with quiet, airy synth chords paired with speaker-rattling synth bass and rapid fire hi-hats. It's the perfect sound to match Avehre's naughty overtures and get the ladies open to his come ons.

Last we checked, Avehre was working on his second EP Reconciliation, though there's no word on whether that project is still on the table. Hopefully "So Long" means that things are moving forward on that front, however, if it just ends up being a one-off, it's a pretty great one to tide us over until he feels like giving us more. Check out the alluring track below.

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