Bounce-Worthy: Micah Robinson

That, of course, brings us back to "Speechless." For his latest effort, he switches things up completely as he mines a bit of funk and soul to weave a tale of a girl that has rendered him unable to speak. With rhythm guitar acting as his instincts and the drums keeping time like the beat of his heart, Micah comes across a lovestruck dreamer that's come face to face with his growing obsession. There are definitely elements of Bilal's influence littered throughout the track, including Micah's penchant to distort his vocals at points. However, the verve that he presents is 100 percent him, making this one smooth ride, especially when he switches things up on the song's jazzy climax.

If you like Bilal, then you should have no problem getting into Micah's music. And while that might lead you there, it's Micah's own unique charm that will keep you wanting more. Check out "Speechless" — as well as his previous singles "Clarity" and "1+2" — below and make sure to add Micah to your list of artists to watch.

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