The Foreign Exchange To Release New Music On ‘Hide&Seek’ Compilation In September

If you follow SoulBounce with any regularity, then you know that we love the soulful sounds of The Foreign Exchange and the house grooves of Reel People Music. So when the two announce they're collaborating on a compilation, that's of course music to our ears. This September, that project will be a reality as Reel People Music will release Hide&Seek, a compilation curated by +FE's Phonte and Nicolay that's sure to get plenty of burn this fall.

The 13-track collection is filled with bangers from familiar names, including BOSCOMuhsinahGwen BunnTamisha WadenZo! and a few others. Oh, and as if that weren't enough, the collection also includes an exclusive new track by The Foreign Exchange named "Shelter" that will also be part of the project.

If you can't wait until September to get Hide&Seek in your hands, well, you're in luck. The good folks at Reel People Music have dropped a two-song sampler that offers up two-minute previews of the songs "Tonight We Ride," which features DJ Spinna and Phonte, and "The Beauty Of Life," a collaboration between PirahnaheadDiviniti and Carmen Rodgers. "Tonight We Ride" is a danceable groover that finds Spinna laying slick, house-tinged R&B production as Phonte serenades a lady into giving in to relax her inhibitions and enjoy the rhythm of the night. "The Beauty Of Life," meanwhile, taps into a tropical house music vibe as Carmen extols all the things that make life worth living.

You can listen to both previews below and, because we love you, we've also included a short sampler that features a snippet of each song on the compilation, including "Shelter," which leads off the set. Be sure to pre-order Hide&Seek right now and be on the lookout for it when it drops on September 1st.

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  • antbee

    It's about damn time! But only one new song, though. I'll take what I can get from you guys! Please don't announce, next, that "we are breaking up to seek new challenges and endeavours... "
    Also, please don't be like @Jazzanova, and just start doing remixes, solo side projects and compilations...oops, you just did one! LOL! But please, don't. I love @Jazzanova, and if @Nicolay or @Phontigallo has an in with @AlexBarck or @ChristianPrommer, please use it in order to ask them to do a completely new album. I needs it! You guys, too!
    Oh, and Nicolay, will you please do a remixed extended version of Christian's "Hanging On The DJ Booth?" There is not one anywhere, and that tune is too hot, not to have been extended and/or remixed.

    I know this is long, and off topic, but I had some shit ta say! LOL!

  • Matthew Bell

    I agree with everything you said antbee after Phonte put his solo 2nd solo release on hold last year ( again) its great to get at least 1 new FE track if anything for 2017 but i will definitely drop Coin for this release when it comes out the 6min preview sounds promising - LONG LIVE FE Music!!

  • Willie Winfield

    I'm waiting i need that for real ,here at we push you guy's track hard oo7djjazz ,i love it keep it coming sure wish i could get a interview with you kats ...much love

  • Willie Winfield

    every saturday 7pm to 9pm ,and on the app we got you for real much love


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