Kelela Cuts To The Chase With ‘LMK’

It's been a minute since we've typed the name Kelela around these parts, but we're very happy to do so. The "Rewind" songstress is finally ready to grace us with a full-length album, the upcoming Take Me Apart. But first, she warms us up for what's to come with the dark and sultry lead single "LMK."

For those not versed in texting jargon, "LMK" is shorthand for "let me know." In this case, Kelela is using the phrase to let a potential suitor know that she's DTF (we'll let you figure that one out). She teases and tantalizes throughout the track, hinting on the bridge that "you can chase it for the night, there's a place for you and I." And in case the intentions of her advances weren't clear, by the chorus she makes it pretty plain, singing, "It ain't that deep by the way / No one's tryna settle down / All you gotta do is let me know." Soundtracking the whole affair are dark synth chords that provide the foundation of the song. Added to that are a few stray synth flourishes, thumping kick drums and some programmed hand claps and hi-hats. It all comes together to form a dark, erotically charged banger that fits right in Kelela's wheelhouse.

With Take Me Apart scheduled to make its bow on October 6th, there's no doubt that we'll probably get a lot more from Kelela between now and then. However, "LMK" is the perfect introduction to what is sure to be a memorable debut. Stream the single via Spotify below.

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