Jessie Ware Warns Against ‘Selfish Love’

While preparing for the release of her third album, and marking her return with the release of lead single "Midnight" last month, singer/songwriter Jessie Ware is on a roll as she blesses fans with another new track. The single, entitled “Selfish Love,” tells the story of how enticing forbidden fruit can be over a catchy cha-cha style beat. With breezy and beguiling vocals, the UK songstress asks the age-old question of how something so wrong can feel so right as she sings, “Baby let's be honest about this / There's only room for one in your heart / So tell me darlin', why are we like this / I must admit that I kind of like it.” The hook makes it clear that two can actually play that game with the lyrics, “Selfish love, why do I do these things? / I break you down, just to get my way / Selfish love, darlin' you do it, too / You tell me lies and I bend the truth.”

The accompanying video keeps the drama going and serves as a prequel to “Midnight," answering the questions prompted by that video. Director Tom Beard takes us back to the beginning, where we see Jessie and her deceitful lover spending time at a luxurious property in Mallorca, Spain. There’s obvious tension, though it seems her lover intends to keep the charade going. That is, until the surprise ending when it becomes clear that Ms. Ware is truly not here for the games.

This second offering has us salivating for what’s to come. Perhaps the new project, which is said to feature contributions from Francis and the Lights, Ed Sheeran, and Julia Michaels, will tell the entire tale of the tumultuous couple while giving us the melodic magic we’ve come to love her for. Though there's no official release date at this time, the new album is said to be on the way later this year. In the meantime, check out the video for Jessie Ware’s “Selfish Love" below and take it as a tasteful reminder that there is truly nothing like a woman scorned.

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