‘Who’s That’? Just Leikeli47 With Another Jam

So by now, you should be sick of us extolling the virtues of Leikeli47. But as long as she keeps putting out heat, we're not gonna stop talking about her. She's already continually dropped hotness like "2nd Fiddle" and her streak continues with her latest single "Who's That," which flips her script a bit and shows us a whole new side of her talent.

"Who's That" shows off a softer side than the hard-edged hip-hop bravado we're used to getting from the singer. In fact, the track consists mostly of Leikeli singing her verses, with her rhyme skills only being flexed during a short 16 near the song's end. The approach fits, as this time the rapper/singer is in the mood for love. However, her showing her more romantic side doesn't make her one to trifle with. "Don't take my kindness for weakness," she sings sweetly at the song's start. "'Cuz I'm not that b***h you wanna f**k with." After getting that part out of the way, she goes on to detail what she's willing to do for a man who treats her like the queen she is. Helping her illustrate her points is a minimalistic beat consisting only of finger snaps, simple keys, bumping kick drum and a few vocal harmonies. That's all that's needed for her to deliver a sweet yet street jam that's sure to catch your ear.

In a surprising twist, "Who's That" is a one-off single that will not be included Leikeli47's album. Don't fret though, as the track is available to stream and download on all the major digital platforms. Give the undeniable groove a spin below.

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