‘Nobody’ Takes Us Higher Than NIIA & GoldLink

Though it was an early entry in the year, NIIA's debut album I still gets plenty of play around these parts. The "Sideline" singer had us open from jump with her smooth style and sultry demeanor. Since the release of the album, however, she hasn't had much in the way of single releases. That might change soon, though, as she's recently linked up with DMV representer GoldLink to revamp her single "Nobody."

We realized the original version of the track was hot upon first listen. The building of the guitar, bass and drums into a sultry uptempo jam had us more than a little hot and bothered. In fact, the track even had us a bit ecstatic. Luckily, this new version doesn't mess with the Robin Hannibal-produced formula too much. In fact, the biggest addition here is GoldLink's verse, which comes through mid-song. "Never, never, never, never, never thought I'd find a love like this/And she don't even understand how she got a man off his bulls**t," he spits. "Never, never, never, never, never had a love like this right/I met her once, I met her twice, and then the third time I was all in." The rapper's unique style, which combines both rapping and singing, is only enhanced when NIIA joins in and harmonizes with his verse, amping up the now-duet even more.

This isn't the first time that NIIA's teamed up with another talent for a single. The singer also connected with Jazmine Sullivan for an alternate version of "Sideline" and Boogie for a different take on "California." Hopefully hear and see more of the talented songstress before the year is up.

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