Tamar Braxton Delivers Dramatic Performance Of ‘Blind’ On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Tamar Braxton's Bluebird Of Happiness is almost here, so it's no surprise that the singer is doubling down on the promo rounds. She's already visited countless radio stations and sat down with several TV hosts. One of those sitdowns was with none other than Wendy Williams. As we mentioned earlier this week, the songstress was set to perform her new single "Blind" on The Wendy Williams Show, and perform she did.

Decked out in sparkling gold lamé, she took to the show's stage for the ballad as a smiling Wendy and her audience watched on. Tay Tay put on a show, as we've come to expect from her. The dramatics were on a hundred thousand trillion as Tamar gestured, pointed, shook, clutched her chest and flipped her hair like a woman possessed. It was perhaps one of the most affected performances we've ever seen on our television screens (yes, that includes her hitting the stage at this year's BET Awards). There's just one tiny thing — her mic was definitely not on. Now we don't abhor lip-syncing — especially if it's been established that the artist can actually sing. However, if you're going to lip-sync, you should at least either make it not obvious or have a fire dance routine to distract the audience. Seeing as "Blind" is a moody ballad, dancing was really out of the question. But maybe, just maybe, Tamar should've practiced lip-syncing to the track one more time before hitting the stage. That being said, she did make sure to keep things very entertaining, so we have to give her some credit.

You can check out Tamar Braxton's performance of "Blind" on The Wendy Williams Show below. Bluebird Of Happiness will arrive on the scene tomorrow (September 29th).

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