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KeKe Wyatt Announces Her Husband Is Divorcing Her In Tearful Video

We definitely feel for KeKe Wyatt. The vocal powerhouse is definitely going through some tough times at the moment, including being eight months pregnant with her ninth child and dealing with one of her children being diagnosed with cancer. As if that weren't enough, it appears there's more trouble in KeKe's life as she revealed in a video post that her husband and manager Michael Ford has asked her for a divorce. “You want to know something, America? When you 8 months pregnant and you got a child sick, in and out of the hospital, and your husband got the nerve to tell you that he wants a divorce," she says in the video. "Because… he says that you’re an emotional wreck. He says that from the very beginning you never trusted me and all that kind of stuff. Telling other people, other women that we getting a divorce and if she calls…like, what?! I’m so done with Michael Jamar. Y’all can have him and roast his a**. I don’t care.” While it's easy to take the side of the woman scorned, Michael offered his own statement this week as well. "For over seven years I have been Keke’s husband, backbone, friend, confidant and support system," he told gossip blog The Jasmine Brand. "I have loved, raised, supported, and cared for every child in our family (biological or not), including our son who is currently battling leukemia. I will continue to be that person and do all of these things, but I will not be her husband." He also intimated that it was KeKe's toxic behavior that pushed him to the decision. That being said, Bossip has reported that no divorce papers have been filed as of yet. This whole ordeal is pretty heartbreaking. All we can hope is that a peaceful resolution between the two is made, whatever that may be. #HealThisHouse

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