DJ Spinna Unveils More ‘Unpicked Treats’ On New Compilation

When's not busy throwing his legendary parties around the world, adding his midas touch through his remixes or hitting the festival circuit, DJ Spinna somehow finds time to craft his own music. Fresh off the smooth "Tonight We Ride" featuring Phonte from Reel People's Hide & Seek compilation, he's back with a collection of hip-hop-tinged instrumentals on Unpicked Treats Volume 2.

On the 10-track collection, Spinna presents a seamless ode to hip-hop's boom bap era, overflowing with chopped-up samples and gloomy loops. He took to Instagram to explain its origins, revealing that seven of the album's tracks were created using Serato Sample. The process left him feeling inspired and thus Unpicked Treats Volume 2 was born.

Though you'll have to cop the entire album in order to hear all of the tracks, Spinna's made three songs available to listen to in their entirety. "Blueness," "Fazed Out" and "Free Your Dome" provide a throwback trip back to a time when bass and head-snapping drums reigned supreme. He manages to craft authentic-sounding beats that are sure to inspire warm feelings of nostalgia for old school hip-hop heads. Check out the album sampler below and see if it doesn't leave you reaching for some baggy jeans and Timbs. Unpicked Treats Volume 2 is available via Bandcamp where you can also catch up on Volume 1. Vinyl copies are due out next year on Redefinition Records.

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