Marie Dahlstrom Returns With ‘anymore.’ & ‘Where the Flowers Grow’ From Upcoming EP ‘Nine’

The world is full of extremely talented singers, but there are many artists who have yet to find their "voice." Marie Dahlstrom clearly doesn't have that issue. Even from her 2011 debut EP Feelings, her Bounce-Worthy brilliance couldn't be denied. With each passing year, she consistently improves upon her previous work, using her unique sensibilities to create blissful sounds steeped in jazz, soul and otherwordly textures. And after hearing the latest leaks from her upcoming EP, Nine, we're pretty confident the project will be another aural gem in her dazzling catalogue.

Jazzy and effortlessly cool, lead single "anymore." showcases Marie's pristine vocals over a DanDiggas groove infused with '90s neo-soul vibes. Marie says the song "is a raw reflection of the layers of feelings and coping mechanisms an individual can go through before becoming at peace with lost love." In contrast, producer Moo Latte has us nodding our heads all throughout "Where the Flowers Grow," an R&B/hip-hop hybrid perfectly enhanced by jazzy guitar. Dahlstrom's soulful delivery is seamlessly woven into the instrumental as she sings "about self-love and discovering that it takes acceptance and freedom to grow as a person, in a relation.”

Nine, which is currently available for pre-order, officially drops next week on October 27th. In the meantime, scroll down and groove to "anymore." and "Where the Flowers Grow," then download the tracks via iTunes. Since her headlining December 4th show at Servant Jazz Quarters in London is already sold out, we'll be following Marie Dahlstrom's Instagram and Twitter feeds pretty closely in the hopes that she'll add some additional performance dates (doesn't forget about the U.S.!) to her schedule.

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