The SoulBounce Q&A: Tank Talks All Things ‘SAVAGE,’ Making A Competitive Album, Praying For TGT & The Future Of R&B

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SoulBounce: Congrats on everything going on. We just watched the video for “When We.”

Tank: I appreciate it. We were working. “Estamos trabajando,” as they say in Mexico.

SB: There’s a lot going on in the video. There’s a girl in a bathtub. It looks like your eyes were hurting, and then there’s beautiful women everywhere. What was your inspiration for the video?

T: All of that. [laughs]

SB: It looks like Fifty Shades of Grey and Black.

T: Yeah, it’s just shaded. It’s just exploring sexuality as a whole and being comfortable with it. You know what I mean? I think that, when you look at the video and you listen to the song, you kind of feel that all of these different sexual energies and moments were all created to stir up that emotion that would ultimately be shared with one person.

It’s like, she kind of puts me on a rollercoaster ride just to get to her. By the time I got off this rollercoaster, I was ready to get to it, with all of these different emotions backing me up. So, it’s freaky, but it’s honest. Everybody has these moments in their sexuality where they want to explore and discover new things. And so, you know, I guess this song is the soundtrack to that.

SB: Thank you for enhancing people’s imaginations and moments!

T: Yes. [laughs]

SB: We appreciate it. And, you know, a lot of our friends say “hello,” and to give you their phone numbers. But we’re not doing that today.

T: [laughs]

SB: But they are inspired because of you. And we thank you for that.

T: No problem.

SB: You released a lot of new music last year. And now, you have a new album, SAVAGE, with 11 songs with features from Ludacris, Candice Boyd, Trey Songz and J. Valentine. Tell us more about the album.

T: Well, it's a competitive album, you know what I mean? There are some really aggressive moments, lyrically, melodically and musically. And I think that’s just, kind of a savage idea of R&B fighting for its space. Whether it be in the mainstream. Whether it be underground. Whether it be – wherever. You know, us really getting in there and fighting for some space. R&B artists from my time are kind of content with the things that they have accomplished and the places that they’ve been. I am not. I still feel like there’s a lot yet to be done and in order to do it in this climate, it has to be competitive.

It has to be in a space where people will actually listen to it and be allowed to hear it. If they’re going to play The Migos, they got to be able to play Tank. If they’re going to play Drake, they got to be able to play Tank. I can’t inspire people who can’t reach the music. If the music doesn’t reach them, I can’t inspire them. So I have to fight to be competitive amongst all these things that are going on, in order to fit in and have my space. And we have to go about it in a savage manner. They’re doing it, so we’re doing it.

SB: Right. So, that’s why you called the album SAVAGE.

T: Absolutely.

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