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Bow Wow Is Over The Internet Calling Him Out For Frontin'

It's a sad but true fact that Lil Bow Wow...we mean Bow Wow...err Shad Moss — whatever he wants to be called this days — has come to be associated with a whole lot of frontin'. Hell, there was even a whole social media challenge devoted to it. So when Bow Wow was caught once again fake flossing for the 'gram with an empty bottle of Ciroc, he was, of course, called out on it. Only this time, Bow Wow was going to have the last word. He took to the comments section on his post to give his two cents, writing, “U dumb maf*kers LISTEN!! Im tipsy! If the maf**kan bottle empty u stupid s**ts! Means we drinking. F**k wrong u w maf*kas! Alota of maf*kas on social media are f**king idiots! Exactly why i barely respond to folks. The more stupid maf*kas i talk to it dumbs me down. STOP TALLLLLKKKING TOOOO MEEEEEEE.” Oh, alright then. #Disgusted

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