Chloe x Halle Have Something To ‘Say’

Chloe x Halle dropped a battle cry of a song in honor of the UNICEF's World Children's Day, which occurred on November 20th. The new track "I Say So" features rock undertones, but Chloe x Halle use their keen sense of harmony to add layers of R&B to the short-but-sweet single.

The chorus is a full-bodied declaration of the future of the nation, as Chloe, Halle and a children's choir sing, "Everything little thing gon' be alright / Cause I say so!" The dynamic sisterly duo just performed at UNICEF's World Children's Day backed by a chorus of children and future leaders.

Chloe x Halle dropped their debut EP Sugar Symphony back in 2016 and earlier this year delivered their non-EP/non-mixtape The Two of UsWith their uplifting, youthful brand of R&B, we can only hope this means the sisters are working on more new music. As the year winds down and the holidays are right around the corner, we're content in knowing they're using their powers and platform for good. If you like what you're hearing from the sisters, you can cop "I Say So" on iTunes.

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