K. Michelle Is Ready To Get It Poppin’ For Her ‘Birthday’

K. Michelle has been busy cooking up her latest effort, the upcoming Kimberly: The People I Used To Know, and she's just about ready to share it with the world. But, before she does that, she drops off new visual for her recent single "Birthday." Given the song's trap-style leanings and slightly raunchy lyrics, it was assumed that a video for the track would be a bit wild, and your girl K. didn't disappoint.

"It's your birthday, baby what you wanna do?" Ms. Michelle sings in the opening chorus. "Got some b*****s, got some pretty b*****s comin' through." Well, she wasn't lying. The video is chock full of eye candy of both the male and female persuasion as the video progresses. However, the belle of this particular is K. Michelle and she lets it be known. She rocks several hairstyles — including a big, poofy Afro wig, a sleek red look and flaunting freshly shorn blond locks — but it's her sex appeal that's on full display here. She gets up close and personal with a few women as the party ensues and flaunts all of her assets, making sure that all the eyes in the place are watching her. But honestly, how could they not be with all that K. Michelle has to offer?

Check out how K. Michelle's freaky "Birthday" party goes down when you press play below.



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