Kelela Finds Herself In A Hairy Situation In ‘Blue Light’

We've been enjoying Kelela's debut turn Take Me Apart since it dropped on October 6th. And now that the songstress is hitting us off with visuals to go along with the tracks, we couldn't be happier. She's already teased us with a brief look at All It Took, an upcoming short film that will use tracks from the album, and given us a non-stop party with "LMK." Now she gives us a sexy, albeit odd, look into her sensual side with the video for "Blue Light."

The clip for "Blue Light" starts normal enough, with Kelela standing by her lonesome on a set while wearing a couture yellow dress. However, the first clue that something else is up comes when we notice that one of her locs seems to be growing at a rapid pace. Don't worry, your eyes aren't deceiving you. It seems that her hair has a mind of its own and only one thing is on it: sex. read that right. Her hair goes to great lengths — literally — to get to Kelela, even unzipping and slipping off her dress and wrapping itself around her. When all is sang and done, her hair has found its way all over her body and, well...umm...things are obviously happening.

You know what, you won't believe it until you see it for yourself. Check out "Blue Light" below and make sure you pick up Take Me Apart if you haven't already.