Mya Takes Us Back To The Bedroom With ‘Ready Pt. II’

Mya seems to be in a sexy mood as of late. This was first made clear with her recent single "Ready For Whatever," with the sweet-voiced songstress making her desires known. Then, as if we didn't get the point, she made it even more obvious in the song's steamy, dimly lit video. Well, just in case you somehow missed the fairly obvious memo, Mya is back to give it to you once more with the song's remix, "Ready Pt. II (Bedroom Mix)."

This time around, Mya's done playing coy and is, instead, being much more direct about her longings.  “Boy your body’s calling / It’s hitting me up / Baby don’t be stalling / Don’t be late showing up,” she coos. “I wanna give it all, I wanna take it off / But you gotta put in work babe, ’cause I’m something like a boss.” And though she's singing this in a very sexy way, we don't think she's playing around with this. Musically, what makes this interesting is that the track almost drops the bass completely, instead relying on keys and a few synths to get her point across. Oh, and your ears aren't fooling you, she also employs an interpolation of R. Kelly's '90s slow jam "Seems Like Your Ready" to great effect here, setting the mood for a night you won't soon forget.

Here at SBHQ, we're all about a jam that we can add to our GTD playlists and this one most definitely fits that bill. Let Miss Mya take you there when you press play below.

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