NIIA Is Your Fantasy Girl In ‘Nobody’

NIIA's debut album I introduced us to the singer's sensual brand of cool, something that she's expressed with singles and videos like "Hurt You First" and "Day and Night." But perhaps the sexiest track she's offered up is the alluring "Nobody," which recently got a GoldLink-featuring remix. Well, with the release of the track's official video, things get even steamier (and just a tad bit've been warned).

In the clip, NIIA takes on the role of a fantasy girl who's waiting for your call — think Girl 6Throwing come-hither stares at the camera, the singer fogs up our lenses as she serves sex appeal both with her smoky, whispery vocals and her smoldering hot looks. Oh, but she doesn't do it all alone. A bevy of female movers and shakers in various states of undress writhe all over the screen (including NIIA herself) as they put on quite the titillating show for anyone willing to gaze. Don't worry, though, NIIA is equal opportunity, finding a male cute to straddle in a chair and on the floor while she puffs on a cigarette.

Honestly, this is a different vision of the singer than we've come to expect, but we ain't necessarily mad at it either. Peep NIIA turning up the sexy in "Nobody" below.

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